Fine Silver Flower Pendant


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Necklace not Included

This original .999 fine silver  flower pendant is approximately 4 cm x 5 cm and is signed by Tieke.

The sterling silver chain is included with the flower pendant.

Leslie Tieke, Artist Statement

My focus is making unique one-of-a kind, fine silver jewelry. I love creating new collections that convey a meaningful message to the person wearing the piece— artistry—with a message.  The message may be of the Cross or found within a scripture. The message may be to find beauty in nature in a flower or a sunset or simply the symbolic meaning of a turtle to slow down and enjoy life.

I create each piece in my home studio with several kitty companions. I observe life in nature daily. I may apply and blend the colors from a sunset onto a silver leaf using enamels. Life inspires me, color excites me, and a good message warms my heart!

I hope each customer has a favorite piece to wear and enjoy sharing the message with others.  In the world of the iPhone and iPad it seems that “iMessage” with my jewelry collections!  Each day life offers the opportunity to be creative, today will bring new designs and inspiration to life in my studio. What will today’s message be?

My original jewelry collections can be found at  and select stores.

Artisan Jewelry Collection, by Tieke, Jewelry Collections

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