Leslie Tieke has been creating original  fine silver  jewelry for the past 14 years.  She taught jewelry certification and enameling classes as a senior instructor for 8 of those years. In 2006, she created "TIEKE" a artistic and colorful boutique in East Tn, where she hosted many of her classes.  Leslie has recently returned to her  home studio with a full-time  focus on making unique one-of- a kind fine silver jewelry.  She is creating new collections that convey a meaningful message to the person wearing the piece--- artistry---with a message.

 The Tieke Team

Leslie -

Leslie's devotion to detail requires many hours of focused precision to produce each singular piece.   Each .999 fine silver piece is a signed original and  available only at Tieke.net. and select stores.


VP of Art

Jason is the site Photographer. He spends most of his time behind the camera capturing the true beauty of each piece. He also manages the sites products, adding products to the site, and ensuring that they are shipped to our customers promptly.


VP of Quality

Tomarra is in charge of organization and coordination. She helps to carry out our daily tasks and keeps everyone here at Tieke on track. She Also assists in photography and other technical aspects of the site.

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